Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an exciting field for new app projects. The technology has reached mass market maturity and is being pushed by both Apple and Google. Companies that equip their apps with AR content or create completely new AR apps now can be among the first providers on the market and help shape how AR apps change the way we interact with virtual content in the future.

Complete AR app implementation with Smart As Apps

Smart As Apps can help you with the conceptual design and implementation of your AR apps.  Together, we will examine opportunities for AR in your area of use and determine whether ArKit and ARCore by themselves are sufficient to cover these applications. There are two main technologies that we use for implementation.

Native iOS/Android App with ArKit/ARCore

The great advantage of native AR is that it can be integrated directly into existing apps, allowing a quick, easy switch between the “normal” app and the AR world. Native UI elements can be easily mixed with the AR scene on a screen and combine the new AR elements with elements that are familiar to the user.

Augmented reality apps with Unity

When implemented with Unity, the app needs to be developed only once and can then be released for both Android and iOS. Other target platforms such as Magic Leap are also supported. Because Unity makes integration and switching between the native app and the Unity AR world less smooth than the native approach, Unity is better suited for projects in which the user spends most of the time in the AR world. In addition, an AR version can be added to some virtual reality applications. If the original version was created with Unity, adding AR is much easier than new development.

Coordinating with other agencies

No matter which of the two methods is used, high-quality 3D models are essential for creating AR worlds in which the border between the real and virtual worlds disappears. As necessary, Smart As Apps takes over the selection and briefing of the CGI agency and ensures a smooth import of models into your app.

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