Augmented Reality

AR changes our interactions with apps to a more natural way. And it’s not only limited to e-commerce and gaming but also affects areas like e-learning or industrial applications, e.g. in the aerospace industry.

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App Development

The app economy has no Top 10s, only the best apps for a given use case are relevant. We make sure that your app idea is one of them, starting with the first concept workshop until we publish your first release to the app stores.

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Bluetooth Low Energy

From body scales to kitchen appliances: Many high-end devices offer a companion app these days. The technology for this integration is Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Since Smart As Apps was fouded in 2014 we could help many clients realizing their app ideas. Here’s a selection of these projects:

Bluetooth Device Integration
Fitness & Medical

Steven Mohr


About Smart As Apps

Smart As Apps currently consists of its CEO and founder Steven Mohr. For larger projects, a partner network of freelancers and agencies is used.

Steven has been an Android developer for over 7 years. In 2014 he founded Smart As Apps and since then has supported start-ups, corporations and agencies in the implementation of their app projects. His focus is on presenting the user with a pleasant and easy-to-understand app. This is achieved primarily through a sophisticated app design that respects the design guidelines of Android and iOS.

He is particularly fond of projects in the medical field, where he can use his experience in the area of Bluetooth Low Energy to enable patients to better deal with their illness.

His second passion is augmented reality (AR) projects. These give an exciting look into a possible future after touch smartphones.

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