Bluetooth LE Device Integration

Bluetooth Low Energy is the standard technology for connecting external devices with smartphones. It does not matter whether the device in question is a pedometer, a kitchen appliance, or a blood pressure monitor. Besides lower power consumption and the associated longer battery life than that with Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth LE provides platform independence. If Bluetooth Classic devices must still be adapted for iPhones and iPads by inclusion in Apple’s Made for iOS program and correspondingly adapted communication protocols, this Bluetooth Low Energy step is omitted; manufacturers can distribute a single model to iOS and Android users and do not have to maintain two model series.


What can Smart As Apps offer in this area?

Concept and protocol workshop
You have a device that you want to equip with Bluetooth Low Energy and an accompanying app? In an initial concept and protocol workshop, we clarify the features of the apps and design the services the device is to provide. The focus here is on using the Bluetooth LE standard services as extensively as possible. If the data is to be transferred to your back end later, the related issues are also dealt with.

App development
You have the initial prototype or a finished product and now need accompanying apps for Android and iOS? We will assume complete app development for you, from creating of the screen design to programming the app and connecting your device to release in the app stores.

Developer coaching
You already have a development team and would like to accelerate the development? Smart As Apps can train your developers for Bluetooth LE development and support the development process. After initial training, we support development via code reviews and meetings (on-site or remote).