App Development

Do you have an idea for an app, or have you already developed a concept and need someone to support you as you move towards a finished app? Then Smart As Apps is the partner you are looking for.

Our cooperation will begin in the initial concept workshop, in which we will either work out a concept for your app project together or compare your existing concept with our experience. Based on your requirements and budget, we will make a selection regarding the technology to be used. Possible technologies are:

Progressive Web App (PWA)

A customized, mobile website that has limited offline capabilities and gets a launcher icon just like a native app on a smartphone. This is suitable for small projects in which the presentation of information is the primary goal (for a sports club or a fitness studio, for example).

Cross-platform development with Flutter

Flutter is Google’s framework for cross-platform development. The apps for Android and iOS are developed with a code base, and the framework takes care of the differences in look and feel. This is a good choice for many app projects, since the common code base means that there is no need to develop the app twice (once for Android and once for iOS). There are limitations here with apps that have to access hardware-intensive functions, such as Bluetooth communication or augmented reality/3D applications.

Native app development

This development variant involves creating one app for iOS and one for Android. It requires the most effort, but also means complete freedom to use all unique platform selling points – no need to find a common denominator. Native apps are always the technology chosen when the highest demands are placed on the app in terms of design, performance, and integration into the platform. Native apps are also used for hardware-intensive applications such as Bluetooth Low Energy connections or augmented reality applications.

The individual app screens are designed based on the concept created, then implemented by the development team. The complete app creation process can be taken on either by Smart As Apps or by your internal development team; in the latter case, we provide support in dealing with such issues as project setup, project management according to Scrum, and the implementation of demanding features.

If you are at the very beginning of the process of finding the right app idea, we can offer you a product workshop. Together, we will test your app idea for feasibility and discuss the benefits for your users and ways in which you can turn your app idea into a functioning business idea.


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