Audi Twin Cup Augmented Reality Apps

The Audi Twin Cup (ATC) is the internal service and workshop competion of Audi AG. It has been awarded to the best service and workshop teams worldwide for over 10 years. To give the teams a little foretaste of victory, an augmented reality app for Android and iOS was developed for the 2019 edition. This enables the Audi teams to admire the price in 3D in their own office or in the workshop.

From the cup to the app

I took over the technical implementation of the ATC AR apps, while the overall responsibility for the design lay with Audi’s lead agency for this cup.

The CAD model of the cup served as the basis, which was then brought into the appropriate format for iOS (ArKit and SceneKit) and Android (ARCore and Sceneform). This model was further refined by a 3D artist.

At the same time as the competition started, the participants received coasters. The trophy is displayed on this coaster with the help of the apps. Alternatively, this coaster can also be downloaded via the app. This way, the participants can place the cup wherever they want.

The trophy as an incentive

The app offers participants the opportunity to experience the trophy in their own environment. Usually only the finalists come to see the trophy in real life, everyone has a chance via the app. This can increase the enthusiasm for the competition even further.

image sources

  • Audi Twin Cup: Shutterstock / Phanat
ATC-AR App für Android

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ATC-AR App für iOS

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August 2, 2020