Vagusvit Breathing training

Vagusvit is a product that Commit GmbH offers for training breathing and strengthening the vegetative nervous system. It is sold by doctors to their patients as an individual health service, supporting their therapy.

Smart As Apps ported the Vagusvit app from iOS to Android for Commit GmbH within one week at the end of 2016. Due to the app’s diverse target group, special emphasis was placed on maximum compatibility, and the app can be used on all smartphones with Android version 4.3 or higher. Roughly speaking, the app consists of two components: a training component and a log component. The log component records when and for how long the patient completed the breathing training. There is a lower threshold for the duration, so that only sufficiently long training units are counted. In the training component, the patient chooses how many breaths per minute he wants to take. Afterwards, the patient is given spoken instructions with relaxing background noise and visual cues during breathing training.



Android, Fitness & Medical


May 3, 2018