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The Otto Group is one of the largest retail companies in Europe. Within the Group, the App Acceleration Center is responsible for app development and related issues. Steven has been supporting the team as a freelancer since September 2016.

Following the development of various shopping apps, he has been handling development of the augmented reality (AR) app for yourhome since December 2017. The app was developed in close partnership with Google’s ARCore team. It was presented to visitors as one of only four apps at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at Google’s Augmented Reality booth.

Experience furniture at home

The yourhome augmented reality app allows customers to place furniture in their homes and get an impression of how they look. Google’s ARCore technology ensures that the pieces of furniture are displayed in their original sizes, allowing users to furnish their homes completely virtually.

Augmented reality strengthens eCommerce in existing niches

The app is an example of how Augmented Reality can turn customers into online users in business areas such as the furniture trade that were previously strongly influenced by stationary sales. AR can make these areas more profitable for eCommerce. AR also allows users to have much more natural interaction with products. The user can view products from all sides and get a direct feel for their proportions – something that is very difficult to do with photos.

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May 3, 2018